1. Kindly ensure you have selected the correct item(s) before checking out.
  2. Kindly ensure the full and correct address is stated, including your mobile number. Orders with incomplete/incorrect information may result in delayed delivery.
  3. In the event the recipient is not around and we are not able to contact recipient/sender, the item(s) would be hung on the door. If a re-delivery is required on another day, it will be considered a new delivery order and there will be no refund on the previous delivery order.
  4. In the event the driver finds out that the address is incorrect upon reaching the location, the delivery to the correct location on the same day will not be guaranteed due to time constraint. No refunds will be given for the item(s) and delivery. However, in the event that an additional delivery to the correct location is made on the same day of delivery, a delivery fee of $15 will apply.
  5. Fancy Delight reserves the right to accept or reject any order(s).


Due to hygiene reasons, no refunds and exchange are allowed once orders have been received. 


  1. Fancy Delight reserves the right to change the product range and quantity at any time and from time to time.
  2. Certain offers may have a restricted period of validity that will be indicated for each product.
  3. Orders will be honoured within the limits of available stocks.
  4. In event a product is unavailable in the following cases:
    • Product is shown as available on the website but becomes unavailable after the customer has ordered;
    • One or several products ordered become(s) unavailable within the time period indicated
  5. Fancy Delight will inform the customer of the above fact as quickly as possible by phone or email. The customer can opt to:
    • switch the unavailable product to a substitute product that is of the same value
    • remove the unavailable product from the order and receive a full refund for the unavailable product or
    • cancel the order entirely and receive a full refund.
    • The reimbursement for the refund will be made within 30 days. 
  6. The customer agrees and acknowledges that no penalty shall be applied for such cancellations and that subject to the above, receipt of reimbursement of the amount paid by the Fancy Delight. The customer shall be conclusive, and waives all rights to claim any penalty or other costs from Fancy Delight.


  1. If you have a promotion code, please ensure to input the code before checking out for discount to be valid. No refunds will be made for orders where promotion codes are not entered at point of purchase.
  2. Promotion codes may or may not come with an expiry date. This will be informed accordingly. 
  3. Promotion codes are strictly non-extensible.